A majority of the bedding plants produced by Greenleaf (70%) are whole-saled to our Retail Garden Center with the remainder being sold to small nurseries in southern Oregon.

Wholesale Nursery

Over thirty-five years ago when Greenleaf was just an idea on paper, we chose the production of bedding plants because it was felt the work would compliment the skill levels and potentials of our D.D. employees.

A majority of the tasks associated with bedding plant production are very labor intensive. They include transplanting, filling flats, pulling spent flowers and leaves, and moving plants from the greenhouses to cold frames and finally, when appropriate, to areas of full sun. The repetitive nature of such tasks has allowed our employees to develop specific skills needed in bedding plant production.

Greenleaf Industries


Greenleaf's wholesale nursery is the backbone of the organization, producing a majority of the work and training opportunities for our DD employees. Our five acre nursery includes over 75,000 square feet of greenhouses, cold frames and shaded growing facilities in which over 2.5 million plants are annually produced. We grow over 300 varieties of annual and perennial flowers, herbs and vegetables. Many varieties started from seed in our germination chamber on to finish. Other varieties produced from cuttings and liners for specialty colors and hard to find items.