Established in 1981, Greenleaf Industries is a private, non-profit corporation, serving as the Northwest's largest horticultural training center, providing training and employment opportunities to eighteen men and women who have varying developmental disabilities. 

Wholesale Nursery
Retail Nursery
Christmas Wreath Sale
4-H Horticulture
The Greenleaf Retreat

Our primary source of program revenue is derived through the successful operation of our wholesale bedding plant nursery, our retail store, and holiday wreath production. Over 90% of our program's 'total' operating budget is generated through plant sales or related services. Our nursery annually produces over 2.5 million plants including over 300 varieties of flowers and vegetables. Aside from our production work, Greenleaf offers a variety of recreational opportunities for its employees including participation in 4-H horticulture activities, the growing of a community garden to help feed our area's homeless, and an annual four day camping trip, the Greenleaf Retreat.


Our Mission

Greenleaf Industries

Our Story

our Story

Striving to attain self-reliance and dedicated to improving the quality of life for those with disabilities, Greenleaf has become an admired model for its achievements in opening up new horizons for the D.D. population within our community. While we receive little in the way of ongoing government support (less than 5%), most of our facility expansion has been the result of acquiring generous financial and material contributions from private benefactors who agree with our determination to become self-reliant as a social service agency.

To serve developmentally disabled adults in a horticultural setting. Greenleaf is strongly committed to attain self-reliance and dedicated to improve the quality of life for disabled persons through integration, independence and productivity.