In 1982 Greenleaf staff wanted to reward its D.D. workforce for a job well done and decided to organize a camping trip to the coast. It was an instant success and the Greenleaf Retreat has become a 'much looked forward to' annual event, a four day get away and reward to our employees for their dedicated service.

The Retreat has grown as our numbers have increased, and tent camping has given way to cabins. Our September adventures have included stays at Fish Lake, Diamond Lake, Lake O'Dell, Camp Latgawa,  Camp Esther Applegate at Lake of the Woods and most recently Grove Christian Camp.

Meals are prepared by staff. Recreational activities include craft projects, hiking, boating and just having fun. It's a great opportunity for long-term employees and friends to just relax together. For some of our trainees, this is their only time to get away, and Greenleaf is more than happy to provide them with this much deserved vacation.


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